Journey Towards Ultimate

From the time she came in contact with Babuji Maharaj, her spiritual journey started under his guidance. Soon she realized that he is the personality who came down for human evolution as demanded by the nature. On November 7th , 1953 , she was made a Perceptor by Shri Babuji Maharaj to guide other abhyasis and she has been performing this duty, surrendering everything to Babuji. She was involved in Nature’s work, and performed duties entrusted to her by Shri Babuji Maharaj.

On 27th October, 1953, Babuji Maharaj bestowed ‘Sant Gati’ ie., the spiritual condition of a Saint, to her and he referred to her as a saint while communicating with others.

On 29th August , 1955, Shri Babuji Maharaj wrote to sister Kasturi, ” You are a Laya in me, you are no more the Kasturi as your parents gave birth to.”

On 15th September, 1964, Shri Babuji Maharaj wrote to Sister Kasturi, ” You have attained Godly condition.” On 15th September 1967, she entered the Central Region. On 28th June , 1968 she entered the condition of ‘Bliss’. In her letter dated 2nd May 1975 she wrote to Babuji “it seems some one has made me cross over the infinite ocean(Anant Sagar)”.

Babuji Maharaj carried spiritual research on Saint Kasturi. Once he asked her to write down her experiences and publish the same for the benefit of mankind. Since then her pen never stopped. Divine vibrations flows through her voice as evident in her songs which are full of spiritual transmission and conditions. Her songs have been published in the form of a book titled ” Sandhya Geet ” in two parts. Her articles have been compiled and published in the form of a book titled “Anubhav Sarita” . In addition to devoting her life in guiding abhyasis, she also prepared perceptors for giving practical training to willing aspirants ( Abhyasis ).

We could always feel reflection of Babuji in her often “Sitting Here but living THERE” which means – physically present in this world, but practically getting commands from above (Divine plane). Just as Babuji Maharaj is a living example of his Master Lalaji Maharaj, Bahenji is memorial of Babuji.

In one of her songs, she mentioned, “O Babuji, jo terey charanome aa gaye, adhyatma path me jaltee wo masaal paa gaye” meaning, “O Babuji, whoever has approached you, has got the guiding torch in the spiritual path”. In another song, bahenji has written that every leaf of the tree that comes out of soil of her body will bear the name of Shri Babuji Maharaj

“Tan ki mati se mere vrichh jab ugegi koi,
Pati pati men tera nam pad sakega koi,
Bhakti ke Ras se sabke man pulak se jayenge”
– Such was her devotion and Layawastha in Shri Babuji Maharaj!