There was an interesting incident before she met Shri Babuji Maharaj, the Divine Personality. One evening in the month of January, 1948, she was looking upwords somewhat thoughtlessly. Suddenly she noticed spread of light in the sky and amidst the light appeared the form of Lord Rama. After some time, that form vanished and there appeared the form of Lord Krishna which vanished after some time and there was appearance of ‘Omkar'(Word Om in Hindi). As she was watching, that also vanished and she found a delicate but glowing personality with a beautiful beard, resplendent with radiation of Divine Effulgence. How long she was watching the scene, she had no idea and she was lost in it. But after sometime suddenly she found sky as usual. Then onwards, unknowingly Sister Kasturi’s inner started searching and waiting to see that Divine Form again.

In the night she had a dream. She along with her family was standing in front of the main door of a Kali Temple. At the door step, a beautiful bearded divine personality was standing with serene calmness. That great personality handed over a sword to sister kasturi and asked her to cut her head with the sword and hand over to him, which was the pre-condition for getting entry into the temple. Without any second thought, she cut off her head and offer it in the hands of that personality and entered into the temple. But there was no idol inside. There was a benign atmosphere and her condition was also divine. The dream ended but, the scene kept her engaged even after waking up.

Next evening ie., January 3, 1948, there was a big surprise for her. Shri Babuji Maharaj visited their house. She was wonderstuck when she saw Babuji Maharaj – the same personality who appeared earlier; and her search for the perfect guide completed. “Oh Babuji, Is It you ! I have been searching for you so long” she exclaimed. And Babuji said, “Yes, my daughter, I too have been searching for you and got you now”- thus started the communication between Sister Kasturi and Shri Babuji Maharaj when the later met her at her house for the first time. Generally, the desciple goes to the master but, there are instances where the Master himself goes to the doorstep of his special disciple. And thus the spiritual journey started. She used to note down her experiences and inform Shri Babuji Maharaj through letters and in the response, Shri Babuji used to guide further in her spiritual pursuit. The correspondence of Shri Babuji Maharaj with Bahenji took the shape of spiritual treasure for the mankind in the form of book ( Anant Yatra ) published in 5 volumes. She has written a number of other books also. All her works and writings are based on divine experiences bestowed by Shri Babuji Maharaj only.